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Career at Black Hawks Security

With regards to staff recruitment and placement a company policy places a strong emphasis on the critical employer aspect like:

1. Suitable relevant educational standard and experience.
2. Appropriate age.
3. Physical fitness.
4. Promotional and motivational aspects.
5. Registration with PSRA (private security regulatory authority).
6. Possession of security training certificates.
7. Staff must be numerate, computer literate and able to read, write and communicate in English and other official languages that are commonly used in the area of operations.
8. Management and supervisors must be able to read, write English and understands mathematical figures and must be computer literate.
9. All staff is uniformed in line with the image of our clients (if required).
10. All staff should undergo induction and refresher training programs.
11. Staff will be provided with transport and accommodation next to the sites.


The company is conducting security officers screening through PSRA act ,2005 and actually employing them into the company. This exercise enable the company to recruit or to employ security officers free from criminal activities as mention in PSRA act ,2005

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